I may want my Twinkies back!

FOX Business Network host Lou Dobbs discussed the fate of Hostess Brands, the bakery formerly known as Interstate Brands Corporation, on his nightly public affairs show, Lou Dobbs Tonight. I recorded this segment of LDT with my ASUS Eee Pad Tablet and made a mini-movie out of this fine series. See if you can spot excerpts from Science Channel's How It's Made as well as a promo for CNBC's American Greed and a few TV ads on my video posted at

Bring back the Wonder Bread!

Stop delivering any more Dolly Madison snack cakes and breakfast pasteries!

Mom and Roger gave up future purchases of Nature's Pride breads, hamburger buns and hot dog rolls. They contained no high fructose corn syrup - Nature's Pride is now history!

I will not buy a box of Hostessa Chocodiles - those vanilla cream-stuffed snacks were previously described as "fake Twinkie sponge cakes!"

There will no longer be any more Donettes after Hostess Brands closed their doors forever on Friday.

If you no longer buy any Hostess-branded snacks, then I'll shoot all of your fellow Hostess Brands customers with my .44 caliber magnum revolver hand gun!

Sorry, Beefsteak Bread. Forget Dolly Madison Zingers - they are no longer zappable!

18.000-plus Hostess Brands bakers unwound this venerable bread and snack cake manufacturer, having putting the entire baking company out of business after many decades of introducing so many baked foods sold in so many supermarkets and wholly-owned Hostess Bakery Outlets.