What a difference a night at the Republican National Convention made! Thursday marks the end of an era as Massachusetts Govenor Willard Mitt Romney and Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan appeared at the Republican National Convention (RNC) - and spoke out on how he and Congressman Ryan are fighting for conservative hardships in Washingtonm D.,C. - the Nation's Capitol - as they defeat freedom in Congress in the 21st century.

In Friday's Pioneer Press, Romney and Ryan are joining forces at the RNC and will begin a long journey to rallying conservatism in the decades ahead... I could've taken a long dream about the RNC on Thursday night - the truth is,

however, Gov. Romney is a strong Presidential contender for years to come. My top-secret priority for winning the Republican National Convention was simple. You will have to decide who won the RNC and who will support the many political causes asnd organizations devoted to fending off publicy-policy reform in Congress.

Such a coincidence!

To me, the Republican National Convention was my idea of how Congress defends gubernatorial freedom on Capitol Hill, one way or another.

Now that's conservative thinking!