Creating havoc in the conservative political asylum is as controversial as President Obama's 4-year term limit. To me, fighting for the conservative right is as easy as many lawmakers agree on. For the time being, why defend American freedom?

Everyone, especially me, does. Allegedly.

In the case of conservative debunking and rallying, I, Mark Watson - the son of Wat - will tackle Obama's Presidency until 2016, and I expect Mr. Obama to rally against liberal discrection and the secretion of racial observance - in the West Wing and beyond. For my fellow Wikians, however, conservative power politics play up potential common-cause conspiracies amongst all liberal and progressive lawmakers; and, to declare my own gubernatorial independence, Vice President Joseph R. Biden guides Obama through confrontation and the creation of conservative spin.

Observe your conservative wisdom, and visit me in the Interrogation Room on the World Wide Web on my Wikia wiki