What do the Shadowbosses and the country's biggest elementary, junior high school and senior high school headmasters and superintendents have in common? As the conservative lawmakers make the case for higher education, one reason remains to be seen: to help children and adolescents get better grades, the headmasters of the educational institutions of the world need to cast their shadow on the Nation's Capitol for help with the secrets of the socially-conscious, highly intelligent troubleshooters who tackle juvenile truce by defending each other's honor.

In a recent episode of the FOX News Channel program Huckabee, host Mike Huckabee (radio's The Mike Huckabee Show) discussed the shadowboss-in-charge of the higher educational system and how Congress reacts to the conspiracy involving the conservatives and the superintendents and principals of various elementary, junior high and senior high schools, colleges and universities to stand up for educational rights by debunking such issues as bullying, nutrition, and juvenile crime, among the themes of interest to the teachers and the many other leaders of the higher educational system.

As shadowbosses, the educators and the conservative public-policy reform lawmakers will face more interracial and other education-related issues affecting juvenile and adolescent society by conspiring through Republican rallies on Capitol Hill.

By 2087, there will be 950.7 trillion students graduating from elementary, junior high and senior high school, college and university classes in many cities, rural towns and small towns across America and throughout the world.

Meeting the needs of the teachers, superintendents and principals of many educational facilities around the world - and how the shadowbosses will defend the highest fifth-grade honor in the twenty-first century, I oppose them and their scholastic adversaries to come up with ever new ways of teaching the children and teenagers of all ages in the

skill-oriented, family-friendly environment.

Higher education is in everyone's hands.

To me, higher education remains a priority; and the shadowbosses will deal with headmasters, principals and superintendents from all across the nation to provide their kids and teenagers with affordable education - and to preserve their passions for learning in the twenty-first century is to build an ever-changing future ahead. My top-secret weapon in the war on educational truce? The truth!

Yes, truth in education remains to be seen.

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