First Jack Nicholson, then Heath Ledger - now 25-year-old movie-theater assassin James Holmes put his make-up

on as The Dark Knight Rises' "Joker." As the young triggerman fired bullets at the 71 Dark Knight Trilogy fans in the

Denver, Colorado suburb of Aurora, Holmes, of Irish descent, went after the fans who screened the latest film in the Batman saga at the Century 6 Theatre. However, media outlets such as CNN, ABC, NBC, FOX News Channel, CBS

and various local-radio station operators covered the Holmes mystery. There were 12 moviegoers dead and the 50 remaining Dark Knight Rises fans shot and/or wounded during the Century 6 Theatre massacre, which began on Friday, July 20, 2012 at the stroke of midnight; and the members of the audience who saw the film were saddened

by the tragedy.

On the official TDKR website, Warner Bros. Entertainment CEO Barry Meyer invited all Century 6 Theatre visitors

to mourn the death of the dozen Dark Knight Rises attendees who had seen the final film in the unique and highly futuristic big-ticket Hollywood blockbuster franchise inspired by Bob Kane's venerable Caped Crusader, Batman.

I watched the special edition of HLN's Showbiz Tonight focusing on the Aurora movie-theater tragedy; and, as I said it, I was very saddened by the 12 victims of a local-theater shootout. Thriller novelist Brad Thor (not to be confused with the Marvel character Thor) spoke about the most tragic shooting ever - and James Holmes was my least impoortant and most controversial real-life villain participating in this tragedy.