John danforth

John Danforth

John Danforth is the most gubernatorial figure in Missouri, a rare nicktie-clad lawmaker whose priority was to defend conservative freedom and to serve the country well toward the end of his term.


Texas Congressman Charlie Wilson

Tom Hanks portrayed the title role of the Texas Congressman in the Universal Pictures biographical feature film version of the best selling book Charlie Wilson's War. Pictured below is the real Charlie Wilson, who fought conservative law in the Southwestern U.S. and was one of the winningest Democratic political figures in the State of Texas - think

Wilson met Texas Governor Rick Perry.

Cenk Uygur at Streamys cropped

Cenk Urgur

Watch Cenk Uygur, the Internet's highly conservative pundit who speaks out mainly on political mand socially consious issues, on Current TV. Visit him at .


Tom Emmer

Tom Emmer is the most winningest liberal in Minnesota, rallying over a multitude of issues facing all men and women in the Upper Midwest.